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STNA/Home Health Aid Training

elder with caregiverWe are STATE APPROVED and STATE ACCREDITED.

Accreditation: Ohio Department of Health

As part of our learning enhancement program, we conduct classes to individuals who would want to become STNA’s and HHA’s.

Our training program is per The State of Ohio Training and Competency Evaluation Program Curriculum Standards. It requires 75 or more hours of training, including clinical.

The following are the requirements for our STNA/HHA programs:

  • Reliable, dependable and mature
  • Valid Ohio Driver’s License or State ID
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs
  • Should be able to read and write
  • You must be 16 years (with parent consent) or older
  • 2-step Mantoux ( TB test ) must be complete before the first day of the class
  • Fees should be paid in full before class begins
  • Students may require back ground check for clinical purposes
  • Passing grade for the training program is 80%

If you wish to subscribe to our efficient training methods, please send us message (link to contact us) today. Feel free to inquire also about our services. We will be happy to provide you with quality education.

Training Programs Requirements

The need for Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides is growing dramatically and First Community Health Services, LLC deems it necessary to provide adequate training to qualified persons who wish to develop their basic skills required to provide professional care to our growing population.

Caregivers are obviously needed in hospitals, nursing homes or residential care facilities, home health agencies, and private households. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projection, this need will grow by 50% between 2008 and 2018.

It is our ultimate goal to offer proper and standard training, and ensure the readiness of these professionals to get the job done effectively and compassionately.

Nursing Aide Training

For Nursing Aide, Ohio Department of Health requires 59 hour classroom training and 16-hour clinical totaling 75 hours prior to the state test. On the first day of class, students get detailed overview of the training program.

Cost: STNA $ 450. This includes tuition, books and a set of uniform.

Refund Policy:

After registration, when a student wishes to cancel the registration, the request must be documented, signed and submitted to the office of the school not less than 24 hours to the commencement of the class for a refund. When this procedure is followed correctly, the student will get a refund of $50.00 less of the fees paid. A student who cancels a registration but does not want a refund would be eligible to have the fees deferred to another class within 60 days from the beginning of the class.


  • You must be 16 years(with parent consent) or older
  • 2-step Mantoux ( TB test )must be complete before the first day of the class
  • Fees should be paid in full before class begins
  • Students require back ground check for clinical purposes
  • Passing grade for the training program is 80%
  • Should be able to read and write.


Due to the short duration of this program, there will absolutely be no absence. For any missed day, students have 60 days to make it up at a cost of $ 25 per day. When a student fails to complete the course within 60 days of the first day of class, he or she will be required to re-enroll for the class and will be responsible for full payment of tuition and have to comply with the attendance policy in order to be certified and eligible to take the State Test.

Class Hours:

There will be morning and evening classes and students can choose which class is more convenient to them from Monday through Friday.

Morning Class: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm

Evening Class: 5:00pm – 10:30pm

However if a class will be cancelled for any reason, the school authorities will inform the student at least two hours before the beginning of the class.

Breaks will be conveniently given by the instructor.


Clinical will be scheduled after the completion of every class. Date and time will be communicated to students. This is conducted under the supervision and guidance of the instructor. If there are more than 8 students for a class, clinical may be split into two groups. All students are to be dressed only in prescribed uniform with their name tags obviously worn. Failure to wear the name tag for identification may result in the student not being admitted to the clinical. Missing name tags should be reported to the instructor immediately.

Students will adhere to the following facility procedures:

  • Perform procedures according to the facility’s policies
  • Infection control measures per facility policies
  • Follow safety guidelines established by the facility
  • Report all accidents or incidents immediately to the instructor

Course Completion and Certification:

All students are required to pass the final review test at the end of the course with a minimum grade of 80 % before being permitted to register for the state test. Having passed the review test, students will be certified for the successful completion of the course and will have a maximum of two years after the certification to sit for the State Test.

State Test Exam Practice:

First Community Health Services, LLC has review questions stored on computers for students who are interested to practice and prepare for their state test. The computers in this area should be used appropriately, efficiently and ethically for this purpose only. If students wish to use internet for any other thing, permission should be sought from the school authorities or the agency. If students violate any of these policies, they will be denied admittance to the area.

Our facility is an approved site for State Testing.

Phone Usage:

All cell phones and any other communication devices must be turned off in class. This is mandatory and there shall be no exceptions. However students are free to use their phones during breaks.

During clinical, cell phones should be turned off as well.

Home Health Aide Training

This program also requires 60-75 hour training and the students shall comply with the same policies as outlined above for Nursing Assistant Training except anything regarding State test and clinical. Students have to demonstrate their knowledge and readiness to work in this field by passing the end of course Review Test with the minimum of 80% grade and be certificated.

Cost: $300. This includes tuition and books.

Students of this category will not be required to take Mantoux (TB Test) or background check before the class.

For any other information in this category, refer to policies under Nursing Assistant Training program.

FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION:(For those who qualify)

Financial aid is available with WIA(Workforce Investment Act) funds.

First Community Health Services is approved by WIB7 for the State of Ohio Work Force Investment Acts (WIA) funds for its nursing assistant training program . To see if you are eligible to receive assistance, you must contact the WIA office of the county in which you live. The following is a list of local county WIA offices:

  • Greene County
    • Greene Works 937-562-6565
      571 Ledbetter Rd., Xenia, Ohio
      Greene Works Employment and Training
      571 Ledbetter RoadXenia, Ohio 45385
      Phone: 937-562-6565
      Fax: 937-562-6566
  • Clark County
    • Work Plus 937-327-1961
      WORKPLUS Center
      1345 Lagonda Ave., Springfield, Ohio 45503
      Phone: 937-327-1961 and 800-516-3463
      Fax: 937-327-1978
  • Miami County
  • Montgomery County
    • The Job Center 937-225-5531
      1111 South Edwin C. Moses Blvd.
      Dayton, Ohio 45408
      Phone: 937-496-6720
      Fax: 937-225-5087

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